List of Favorite "Things"

Well, my teacher asked for an ordered list of our "favorite things", so I'll make a list of my "favorite things".

I hope this is what you wanted, Mr. Warrior.

Favorite "Things"

  1. Burgers
  2. Computers
  3. Overwatch
  4. Drawing
  5. NOT School
  6. All of the Kingdom Hearts Games
  7. NOT Snapchat (I totally use it on a daily basis, except I don't.)
  8. Making Lists of Stuff
  9. Sandwiches
  10. Sketching
  11. Birbs
  12. Memes
  13. Things that make me look unintelligent, despite me being pretty intelligent when self-analyzed.
  14. Scratch, only the BEST coding website EVER to be made OF ALL TIME!
  15. Uno
  16. Salt
  17. Chemistry
  18. Bootleg Anything
  19. Red Squares
  20. The Bee Movie
  21. Robbie Rotten
  22. Smash Mouth
  23. The Dankest of Memes
  24. SrPelo
  25. SANIC
  26. Rick and Morty
  27. The Old El Modena Bell Schedule
  28. Mr. Benner
  29. Japan
  30. #29 Getting More Stuff than America...

How'd you like that list, Mr. Warrior? You asked for a list of "things", so I listed a bunch of "things" that I like.

Oh you want more, only in JavaScript, Mr. Warrior? You've got it!

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