So you're here. Fantastic. I have to entertain you somehow...

You want an unordered list? I'll give you an unordered list.

Shopping List mkI

I can't change the list to be in the center due to the bullet points not moving with it, so deal with it for now.

You want an ordered list? I'll give you an ordered list.

Shopping List mkII

  1. Pepper
  2. Caramel
  3. Even More Salt
  4. Kingdom Hearts 3
  5. Prismacolor Pencils
  6. My Daily Surplus of Memes
  7. A New Laptop

Again I can't position the numbers to be in the center, so I can't center the list yet again. The joy of stickler coding interworkings...

Also yes, I put salt twice on the two lists. I need that good NaCl to live, probably about 500 grams per day as sustenance. All humans need NaCl to sustain themselves.

If it wasn't apparant before I'm not following the protocol that has been given to me. I've been doing my own thing because I'm bored. I might as well do something related to the lesson we are doing right now...

This Lesson is about Tags

The following information will teach you about lists.


  1. Chrome
  2. FireFox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Safari

Search Engines

Well that was fun and a lot of work. I already did all of the essentials up above, but just so I know I'm on task I did what we were doing in about 2-3 minutes. Pretty fast if I do say so myself.

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